O-Mega-Zen3® + EPA Rated #1 on Labdoor.com!
Mentioned on the New York Times blog, Labdoor.com is an independent organization that tests and rates supplements. NuTru® is proud to be ranked #1 in the vegan omega-3 supplement category!

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Vegan Brain Pak® - O-Mega-Zen3®, E-Toca-Chi2® and P-Tidyl-Wei1®

NuTru Vegan Brain Pak®
Many of our customers have found that combining O-Mega-Zen3® with E-Toca-Chi2® and P-Tidyl-Wei1® and taking all products together greatly enhances the health benefits and effects that they get from taking each product separately. It is well known that as individuals consume more omega-3s and polyunsaturated oils their bodies require natural vitamin E or tocotrienol to support and maintain heart and brain health.

All of these products were developed in tandem to allow maximum health benefits while at the same time being safe for daily consumption as defined by the FDA standard, GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe.

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Innovation in Prevention™
Our catchy tagline isn't just marketing talk, it's a fact. NuTru® is one of the original developers of the first vegan Omega-3 DHA supplements with O-Mega-Zen3®. When you buy NuTru® you can be sure you are always getting cutting edge and compassionate vegan products.
Best Choice Product
NuTru's O-Mega-Zen3® product has been evaluated by the Environmental Defense Organization Oceans Program as a Best Choice product based on testing carried out to certify that the product does not contain mercury, PCBs, dioxins, or other similar environmental contaminants. Please see their website site www.oceansalive.org for further information.
Health "Conscious"
NuTru® supports like minded vegan companies such as the International Vegetarian Union, VegFamily.com, VeganEssentials.com, and the vegetarian/vegan community in general. NuTru® products are certified vegan, that means free of all animal and dairy substances.
As Seen On TV...VegTV
NuTru's president, Jim Donovan, sums up in a nut shell the many wonders of NuTru's vegan supplements during his appearance on television's hottest new series, VegTV. Watch it here.

O-Mega-Zen3® + EPA Capsules

O-Mega-Zen3® + EPA Capsules
NuTru™ has continued to expand its product line of all vegan, high potency omega-3 products by coming out with a new O-Mega-Zen3® product containing both DHA and EPA. This product contains 300+ mg of DHA and over 150 mg of EPA in a softgel format.

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Kudos From Marie Oser
"As a writer, author, and television producer my life can get pretty intense. These days, I start my day with NuTru's Vegan Brain Pak®, a unique blend of high-quality, health-supporting antioxidants. I have replaced a drawer full of vitamins with the Vegan Brain Pak®. They are all natural, vegan, and help me to meet the demands of my career". Marie Oser, best-selling author, nationally syndicated columnist, host of Soy Talk on vegsource.com, and co-host of the national television series Veg TV.


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