E-Toca-Chi2® Vitamin E

With 200 milligrams of highly potent tocotrienol vitamin E complex you can harness the power of Chi with more than twice the normal Vitamin E. Remember, the body needs vitamin E to process omega-3 DHA, which is why E-Toca-Chi2® makes the ideal supplement to take with O-Mega-Zen3®.


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Researchers are now studying tocotrienols (natural Vitamin E), like E-Toca-Chi2®, in terms of promoting a decrease in cell damage and inflammation related to certain central nervous system conditions. Natural Vitamin E, especially tocotrienols, may counteract buildup of plaque to increase vascular flexibility, especially in relation to certain circulation conditions and Tocotrienol is also now under evaluation as a natural Vitamin E for promoting brain and cardiovascular function.*

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