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The Vegan Brain Pak® contains all three products, each with theirdistinctive packaging in a different color. The Vegan Brain Pak® really stands out, whether it is sitting at home on the shelf, or on a counter or shelf in the store. 


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Many of our customers have found that combining O-Mega-Zen3® with E-Toca-Chi2® and P-Tidyl-Wei1® and taking all products together greatly enhances the health benefits and effects that they get from taking each product separately. It is well known that as individuals consume more Omega-3s and polyunsaturated oils their bodies require natural vitamin E or tocotrienol to support and maintain heart and brain health.

All of these products were developed in tandem to allow maximum health benefits while at the same time being safe for daily consumption as defined by the FDA standard, GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe.

All NuTru® products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities.