At NuTru® we develop high end vegan supplements and nutraceutical products that are based upon extensive scientific research with considerable science behind them. They are all formulated according to the highest vegetarian/vegan standards and values. In many cases they are based upon special food or nutritional substances derived from plant sources. 

We manufacture our products according to stringent quality control requirements in GMP certified facilities, and our products contain no animal substances, artificial ingredients, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial fats or additives that are typically used by the conventional food and pharmaceutical industries.

All NuTru® products are formulated to meet specific dosage levels so that the consumer can really benefit from the active ingredients.


These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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NuTru® is a branded product supplier and not a bulk supplier of materials, ingredients, etc. Our O-Mega-Zen3® + EPA Liquid, O-Mega-Zen3® Capsules, Sa-To-Ri7®, etc. are not formulated nor intended to be used in the manufacture of other products or removed from their packaging and combined with other products to be resold. All NuTru® products are protected under relevant trademarks and are only to be sold in the final packaged form as delivered by NuTru®.