NuTru’s products have been developed in line with our own values which means that we support and endorse ethical treatment of animals, utilization of sustainable plant sources versus animal sources and a vegan lifestyle. 

For example, NuTru® believes that every effort should be made to preserve the earth's sustainable resources and to not reduce further the fish population which is decreasing rapidly. On this basis, our original product, O-Mega-Zen3® is made from a marine plant source and does not use fish or fish oil as an omega-3 material.

We strongly urge consumers to save the fish, reduce their consumption of animal products and support ethical treatment of animals. We are also committed to energy conservation, recycling and lower patterns of consumption so as to reduce damage to the environment and cut energy usage so as to minimize energy and resource usage. We believe that all Americans must change their patterns of consumption and wherever possible use less energy and consume less, especially in terms of petroleum and petroleum based products.

NuTru® is a strong proponent of the small is beautiful philosophy as advocated by the famous British economist, E.F. Schumacher. This means that we support in every possible way smaller companies that minimize energy consumption and that are moving away from the trend towards large scale industrial farming and fishing which we feel is detrimental in the long run to the consumer, to the international economy and even to the environment.

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