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The Koz
Watch NuTru's president Jim Donovan speak to The Koz about the popular O-Mega-Zen3®.

NuTru® Sponsors the 2018 Real Truth About Health Conference
Click here to watch the video.

NuTru® Sponsors the 2017 Sarasota, Florida Open

2017 Sarasota Open 2017 Sarasota Open 2017 Sarasota Open

SRQ Magazine
Check out SRQ Magazine's interview with Jim Donovan here.

Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
Read the article about NuTru® president Jim Donovan here.

Vegan Trade Council™
The Vegan Trade Council™ interviews NuTru® president Jim Donovan. Check it out here.

NuTru® Supports Local Tennis

NuTru® has been busy supporting and promoting local tennis in arguably one of the greatest cities and tennis capitals in the world, Sarasota Florida. NuTru®, passionate about good health and fitness, has sponsored numerous clay-court tennis leagues and tournaments. For instance the 2016 USTA Womenís Pro Circuit and more recently The Sarasota Open. These Tournaments featured some very highly ranked international players such as Mischa Zuerev and Gerald Melzer who rank No. 45 and No. 107 in the world for menís singles respectively. In November of 2014 we also personally sponsored the U.S clay court champions Jerry and Brett Morse-Karzen for the USTA National Father-Son Championship. Check out NuTru's ad in Play Sarasota Magazine.

Something to Think About...
A recent study that was done about automobile emissions, i.e. carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases and the amount of CO2 released by gases associated with vegetarian and meat diets. This report indicated that red meat eaters, getting 35% of their calories from animal sources, rack up yearly emissions compared to a vegan diet which equals the difference between driving a Chevrolet Suburban and a Toyota Camry. In other words, vegan diets considerably scale back the CO2 or greenhouse gas emission footprint. This is from a University of Chicago geophysicist report from April Earth Interactions.
Avoiding Knee Replacement
Florida Health Care News published an article about NuTru® president Jim Donovan's personal experience. Read the article here.
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