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NuTru, Inc, grew out of certain previous activities in new product development in areas such as prescription pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, herbal products and cosmetics, for many well-known international companies. As such, we developed an intricate knowledge of new and unique products on a global basis.

NuTru, Inc. develops products that the individuals on our staff believe to be worthwhile high quality products, which meet certain dietary, nutritional and health needs. Anyone who goes into a health food store, drug store, etc. where supplements are sold knows that there are a wide range of different products to choose from. Market research points to the fact that there is much confusion and lack of information in the consumer nutritional supplement market.

At NuTru, Inc. we have grown tired of this type of approach, of exaggerated claims, of high prices, and the lack of objective information. NuTru® has evolved into a developer and manufacturer of unique and proprietary products, especially in the vegetarian area that have clinical and scientific documentation behind them. We established this company to present products that are well-established in their native markets, are proprietary and/or patented, and have clinical and scientific documentation behind them.

Nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, and herbs when used wisely, and in moderation can be a viable alternative to many OTC products that have been available for decades in drug stores, pharmacies, etc. Over twenty-five years NuTru has studied thousands of nutraceutical formulations and nutritional supplements and have developed those we personally believe in and use.

Truth in Nutraceuticals™.

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