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How and when did NuTru® begin?
NuTru®, meaning Truth in Nutraceuticals™, started in 1998. Our original concept for the company was to offer the best available nutraceutical products, as we had encountered them through traveling around the world for 25 years.

Is there any meaning behind the name NuTru®?
The meaning behind the name NuTru®, or Truth in Nutraceuticals™, came about because we wanted to focus on
products that really have true health benefits. Which means a focus on food-derived substances that have specific health benefits; this is actually the definition of a nutraceutical.

Why vegan supplements?
We focused on vegan supplements since we wanted to develop an all-vegan Omega 3 product in capsule form. In travelling throughout Europe, particularly in Germany and Switzerland, we had encountered very interesting vegan or vegetarian restaurants especially in Zurich, which offered very innovative vegetarian type food and nutraceuticals.

Where can I purchase your products?
Our products are sold through both online retailers, conventional heath food stores, pharmacies, doctors and health practitioners, as well as sometimes directly to individuals for any products that we distribute.


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