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We here at NuTru® would like to acknowledge the invaluable people on our team who make it all come together, since it is truly the crew that keeps the ship afloat.

People like Jane Denise who played a vital role in the start-up and development of our company. Jane has supported NuTru® through both the prosperous and difficult times, and in doing so, has done a tremendous service to NuTru® over the years. Not only has Jane been a extraordinary asset in terms of being in charge of the logistical planning, key decision making, and financial oversight, she has also been instrumental by way of doing excellent forensic work in regards to any financial ambiguities that have surfaced over 20 years that we have been in business. Her contribution simply cannot be over estimated.

We would also like to recognize certain key support staff such as Patty Asin whom, through the many years that she was with us, aided in and experienced first-hand the growth of NuTru® into the company that it is today. She knew how to make the most of a difficult situation by coming up with some really great solutions with simple answers to complex problems.

More recently, the versatile and very intelligent Veronica, nick-named after the famous fictional private eye Veronica Mars, has become a great resource to the NuTru® team. Veronica, although still entrenched in her academic career, has shown incredible pragmatism, problem solving ability, and a wonderful capacity to support us and make all of our jobs so much easier. We salute her and all others like her.

Thank you to those who help make NuTru® great!



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